I am.

I am an entertainment professional, with a rich journey of working experience in production, media, events and entrepreneurship. I spent years studying philosophy, yoga, nutrition and psychology, till I built a global fan-base of incredible diversity. I worked as a therapist and a teacher, as a journalist and a conference producer, as a poet, writer and an orator. I won the Woman Gamechanger Award along with the likes of Vidya Balan. Yet, every time I felt I found my passion, I discovered more of myself and kept reinventing myself. And after a 17-year long career in experimentation, I finally chose to leave myself undefined. 

I host podcasts and shows. I write features, blogs and profiles. Sometimes you might find me teaching pottery to kids, and at other times, narrating fairytales to CEOs. Sometimes I am creating poetry and other times interviewing celebrities. I take the richness of the experiences life offered me, and make out of it engaging episodes of comedy and commentary on almost anything that comes to me.

I simply don't have it in me to tie myself down to any one path or career. Trust me, I tried. So now, I do many different things and make sure each of them has a part of my heart in it. I approach each project I take on with uncompromising care and commitment, because, well I can't help it! I refuse to fall in any genre and may be best defined by my signature hashtag #SuchAllThings

This site offers you the option to explore my writing, visuals, work samples and more. I hope that you find it interesting and that it sparks something inside you.


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